Post project

Describe what you need done, publish it, and registered skilled worker and freelancers will start sending bids.


Each project has its own Q&A board where you can clarify requirement and provide prompt answers to interested workers.

Select Bid

Sort through bids received and choose a winning bid based on bid amount, portfolio, and reputation on skillsmix.


Set up Milestone, Fund our escrow account and use our project collaboration tools to monitor your project to completion.

It's Free to use this website?

Yes absolutely. It's free to post a project, bid on projects, and use our entire website. We deduct a 10% fee from the freelancer's payment when you release a milestone escrow for work they have done. We don't do fees up front; it makes us focus on quality because we only make money when 100% satisfied work is completed.

Being a project poster, Why would i use skillsmix?

Our unique process helps you choose the best matched and most trustworthy freelancer for your project to reduce risk. Two main things:

1) Q&A discussion board on each project helps you get answers, ask questions, clarify things, and get attention from freelancers looking to work for you; you then get another element to judge their potential match that goes beyond a portfolio.

2) We put together a great design and layout for filtering and ranking bids as well. Things can get out of hand quickly when trying to narrow down 1 winner amongst 30+ bids. read more

I'm a freelancer, why is SkillsMix better for me?

1) We don't charge a membership or nickel and dime you just to look for jobs, it's free until you actually win a project.

2) The Q&A boards on each project level the playing field so that quality, knowledge, and customer service stands out much more than just who's cheapest. read more

Who is SkillsMix for?

For anyone looking to get any type of projects done, and looking to save time, outsource something they can't do, or cut costs. Also, open to any freelance web designers and developers, marketers, and writers looking for project work.

Will I get ripped off?

NO! After you fund an escrow, you don't have to release the escrow payment if the work isn't done or satisfactory. Rarely will that happen though, as our process makes you choose only the best and most trustworthy freelancers. read more

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes! Everything is encryped in the latest 128bit SSL certificates, backups are made hourly, and only a chosen few ninja masters have physical access to our servers.

What if I need help, how's your support?

Help is something we take dear to heart, it's what separates the great from the good. We, ourselves, hate sucky customer service and run arounds, so we definitely don't bring them into our own business. Check out our Support Center, head over to the Community Forums, or email us.

Who runs this site, who are you guys?

We are a bunch of young freelance IT practitioners that have used other outsourcing website and we have decided to build SkillsMix to fill a gap in the Nigerian IT industry. You know when something you really love makes you lose sleep or on your mind all the time? Well, SkillsMix is that to us. more about us

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